This is a quick post to archive something that took me too long to find online, and hopefully someone else will find it useful (and perhaps easier to find). As you might know, in AppleScript if you want to tell an application to do something, but only if it’s running, you might do something like this:

However, this method lacks if you don’t have the application installed; When that’s the case, AppleScript pops up a dialog titled “Choose Application” that asks, “Where is AppYouDontHave?” If, like me, you are developing an application that scripts another application with AppleScript and you don’t want to display such a dialog to your users, but instead silently fail, or handle the lack of the other application in some other way, you probably want to detect if the application is installed. After some searching online, I came across the following method using the AppleScript terminology exposed by, wherein you look for the name (e.g., of an application by its application id, (e.g., com.macromates.TextMate)

If you want to do this sort of check inside your Cocoa app, you can do something like this:

This works, but it seems a bit silly to do this work through AppleScript that I’m running from a Cocoa application, so I’ll be looking a way to do this with an actual API (maybe Launch Services?)